Good Friday Service

April 18, 2014


This Good Friday service focused on the different body parts of Jesus Christ for Holy Week.  Several Artist created beautiful works of art in their mediums.  Poets from the congregation shared their words with us and the Shekinah Dance Team gave a stunning shadow dance intrepration of "East to West" by Casting Crowns.


Communion by Karen A. Boone

Prayer Hands by James Boone

Jesus Right Hand by James Boone

Jesus Left Hand by Barb Bittner-Oakley embelished by Kay Halpern

Forgiven by Daniel Gerhartz

Jesus Feet by Maria Parkhurst

Communion by Kay Halpern

Jesus Left Hand by Bill Wilkins

"And He" Walks with Me by James Boone

Jesus Wept by James Boone

Jesus Face by James Boone

Crown of Thorns by James Boone

Three Nails by James Boone



Good Friday by Mildred T. Childress

Communion by Mildred T. Childress

Gethsemane and Calvary by Margaret Black

Outstretched Arms by Donna Riley

His Holy Feet by Fontaine Wallace

Going Back by Joyce Reynolds

The Price by Hadley Garrett

I Pray for You by Automne Darnall

The Gift by Joyce Reynolds



Hadley Garrett

Richard Jones

Donna Riley

Ali Turner

Fontaine Wallace

Anna Vill


Shekinah Dancers

Kellie Dean

Hadley Garrett

Jada Garrett

Christy Rineer

Ali Turner

Anna Vill


Roman Soldier

Derrall Garrett


Sound Tech

Kevin Kornicki


Light Tech

Keiden Garrett


Photographers & Assistants

Beth Cagney

Meredith George

Jess Williams


All videos, photos & information are Copyrighted (2007) by James Boone, Just The Mix and "Shekinah Productions Community Theater."

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