The Gift of Christmas


September 15, 2013

from 1:00-3:00 pm


December 15, 2013

1:00 pm


MUST be done from a desktop computer.


PLEASE have the online audition form filled out in advance.


To audition for The Gift of Christmas solos and kids choir, please have 16 bars of a song ready to sing.  We will have a pianist available, so please have sheet music with the bars marked and ready to go.


To audition for The Gift of Christmas Dance Team and Pantomime.  Please have a song ready with 30 seconds choreographed and ready to perform for us.


Please know you may audition for multiple parts and some parts have already been assigned.

Kids Choir (Shekinah Kids) is for kids currently in Kindergarten and up (NO EXCEPTIONS)


     Every Christmas my sister and brothers and their families assemble in a noisy, colorful crowd, thirty-one strong, at my parents' home in Louisiana.  Delicious food wonderful music, and moutains of gifts are some of the things we share.

     This year, however, something was different.  My sister, Ann, suggested that instead of buying and wrapping those mountains of gifts, we send the money we would have spent to a Christian children's hom in Honduras call Our Little Roses where thirty-five girls (mosty abused and abandoned) are being given a new chance at life.

     What an incredible Chsitmas!  What a blessing for all of us to know that as we ate the turkey and sand the carols and spent time with one another, we were, at the same time, sharing God's gifts with others far away.

     When God sent the gift of Jesus Christ to our hurting world, He was giving each one of us a new chance at life.  He didn't leave us abused or abandoned.  He provided the gift of His life and His love in the person of His own Son.  That is what our musical, The Gift of Christmas, is all about.

     From beginning to end, writing this musical has been a gift.  I'm so thankful for the tremendous gifts of my co-creator Gary Rhodes; for the support and guidance of the creative team at Word Music, especially David Guthrie and Ken Barker; and for the combined talents of our orchestrators, Dave Williamson, Don Hart, and Don Marsh.  We have woven together traditional carols with some well-loved contemporary songs (by Amy Grant, John Wimber, and others).  And, working with some of our favorite collaborators (like Kathy Frizzell and Robert Sterling) we have added some exciting new songs.  May The Gift of Christmas be a gift to you, your choir, and the people who gather to share your performance.


Claire Cloninger


Adult Choir (Chancel Choir) - Wednesdays from 7:45 - 8:30 pm starts August 28, 2013

Kids Choir (Shekinah Kids) - Sundays from 2-3 pm starts September 22, 2013

Dance Team - Sundays from 1-2 pm starts September 22, 2013

Pantomime Teams will begin closer to the performance.


Adult Choir (Chancel Choir)

Kids Choir (Shekinah Kids)

Praise Team (predetermined)


2 "Mary" Solos - Jeana Lutz

1 "Joseph" Solo - Andrew Walden

1 Kids Solo or Small Group

1 Soprano or Tenor Solo

1 Tenor or Alto Solo

1 Baritone Solo


Manger Scene (Pantomimed)

Mary - Jeana Lutz

Joseph - Andrew Walden

Baby Jesus - Baby Lutz





Dance Team 10 or more


Adult Choir (Chorus)...


  • Martha Bellasalmo

  • Michele Campanelli

  • Savanah Carnrite

  • Sarah K.

  • Anne Street

  • Annaliese S.

  • Joy Tewold

  • Fontaine Wallace


  • Sharon Apon

  • ​Susanna B.

  • Barbara Koontz

  • Monica Wise


  • Joe Bellasalmo

  • James Cutro

  • Christian R.

  • Dan Sheline


  • Kevin Bowman

  • Dave Clarke

  • Bob Herring

  • Sue Guina

  • Chris Patrick

Praise Team...
  • Kendall Boliver

  • James Boone

  • Bonnie Chatterton

  • Eileen Guida

  • David Ollinger

Shekinah Kids...

  • Rowen C.

  • Kellie D.

  • Lydia G.

  • Tori G.

  • Eliana J.

  • Christian L.

  • Jamie L.

  • Rhyann M.

  • Fiona M.

  • Fletcher M.

  • Christy R.

  • Gracie S.

  • Anna V. (Assistant)

  • Abby W.

  • Isabel W.

  • Kellie D.

  • Hadley G.

  • Jada G.

  • Rhyann M.

  • Anna V.


  • Sarah K.

  • Christian R.

  • Shari W.


  • O Little Town of Bethlehem - Sue Guina

  • Love Has Come - Bonnie Chatterton

  • Breath of Heaven with What Can I Give? - Jeana Lutz & Andrew Walden

  • Traces of Heaven with Isn't He? - Jeana Lutz

  • O Holy Night! - Susanna B.

  • The Gift of A Lifetime - Savannah Carnrite

  • The Gift of A Lifetime Ensemble - Jeana Lutz, Susanna B. & James Boone

  • Lord, I Lift Your Name on High - Michele Campanelli, Barbara Koontz & Christian R.

Pantomime Group...

To Be Decided out of Shekinah Kids and Dancers.


The Best Gift of All To Be Signed by Sue Guina.

All videos, photos & information are Copyrighted (2007) by James Boone, Just The Mix and "Shekinah Productions Community Theater."

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