The King and I

May 10-12, 2013


All photos & videos belong to Shekinah Productions Community Theater & Barb Bittner-Oakley of The Oalkey Lens


Set Design & Sets

Costume Sketches


Cast for The King and I

  Captain Orton - James Cutro

  Louis Leonowens - Christian L. 

  Anna Leonowens - Jeanna Lutz

  The Interpreter - Torey G.

  The Kralahome - Bryan McKeone

  The King - Mansoor Kahn

  Phra Alack - James Cutro

  Lun Tha - Christian R.

  Tuptim - Abigail G.

  Lady Thiang - Allison S.

  Prince Chulalongkorn - Fletcher M.

  Sir Edward Ramsey - Braden H.

Royal Wives...

  Melanie A.

  Cali B.

  Magi E.

  Hadley G.

  Torey G.

  Lyric M.

  Deva S.

  Ali T.

  Anna V.


  Lily M.

  Starr N.


Braden H.


  Ali T.

  Anna V.

Cast of Small House of Uncle Thomas
   Melanie A., Magi E., Hadley G., Torey G., Lyric M., Lily M.
   Allison S., Sofia V., Anna V.
 Thomas - Starr N.
 Eva - Ali T.
 Topsey Turvey - Cali B.
 Eliza - Kaitlyn L.
 Simon - Deva
 Dogs - Magi E., Hadley G., Lily M.
 Masters - Torey G., Allison S.
 George - Anna V.
 Buddah - Hayden V.
Kid's Ensemble...

  Samara H. - Princess Ying Yaowalak (Fri. & Sat)

  Kellie D. - Princess Ying Yaowalak (Sun.)

  Elle E.

  Layla E.

  Joey G.

  Grace G.

  Hope G.

  Kaitlyn L.

  Rhyann M.

  Fiona M.

  Gracie M.

  Patience P.

  Sofia V.

  Hayden V.

  Isabel W.

Directors for The King and I
James Boone - Lead
         Darien M. - Assistant Director/Stage Manager
         Bryan M. - Assistant Director
Yana Bucur - Music Director/ Pianist
Jackie Heller - Choreographer
         Anna V. - Choreographer's Assistant
Kevin Kornicki - Sound
Tom Vill - Lighting
Kathy Vill - Set Design
Tom Vill - Set Engineer

Stage Hands - Gary Schmal & Ana H.

Children's Managment Director - Deborah Normyle

Children's Assistant - Sabrina D.

Public Relations Director - Dawn Spaccio

Seamstress - Jackie Gonsalves & Diane McCrae

Costume Helpers - Suzanne Anderson, Cheryl Boone, Mary Lee Lutz, Monica Wise & All The Cast Members & Parents

Set Construction - Tom, Kathy, Anna & Paden Vill, John Gough, Mark, Barb, Ian & Issac Oakley, Danny Keene, John & Suzette Eisenlorh, Braden Huggins, Diane Fletcher & Fiona McCrae & numerous parents and kids of the play.

Barb Bittner-Oakley - Photographer

All videos, photos & information are Copyrighted (2007) by James Boone, Just The Mix and "Shekinah Productions Community Theater."

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